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2008-08-20 15:03:05 (UTC)

Yesterday when internet was out...

I hadn't written for my morning pages at all yesterday. I
was a little perplexed with this dream I had, it was very
violent. Still hadn't written it in my journal, but that's
okay cause I still remember it very well.

I slept about 9 hours today that was great. I did go to
sleep a little late but I am a okay with that as well.
Heck yesterday was the best day ever. I had gone to the
library like I used to when I was in school and I had
homework. Except this time it was even better Besides, I'm
so enthusiastic about the knowledge I'm getting from these
books. And it was so inspirting just to go in and look at
all the books. They have so much neat books and I want to
read so many of them. I start thinking how I just gotta
get through this stuff and then I'll be able to read for
fun. Like some fantasy stories about dragons that will
help me mold stories, and pick up a different perspective
on the world, imagination and everything. I can't wait, I
mean I can but I don't want to, I just want to keep
soaking up knowledge. I want to start reading biographies
of directors, screenwriters, and immerse myself with
stories of shooting. So I really have a feel for it before
I get on set. And once I have that my confidence will also
go through the roof.

I am at this pace definately going to finish all of these
books, plus that graphic novel series, plus that one book
I need to read that I haven't bought yet about
documentaries. I should purchase it soon, cause I feel
that once I purchase it, I'll get it in a week to two, and
by that time I might be done with all of my books. Then
I'll just re read how to win friends and influence people,
cause I need that in school. I need to be the best I can
be. Wow

I've never felt so much prompted dedication for the
subject at hand, the one that I love, then I did
yesterday. It was great. Having a book that I can very
easily read also helps. Like the one on budgets. I need to
be able to expect not as great results today. I might read
much slower, because I'd like to put more emphasis on the
harder books I have left. Sad to say Shoot to kill is my
easiest book right now.

I'd like to, if it is possible, in school to like review
my notes after school. That makes memory work better when
you review at the end of the day. It's a good thing. I
really can't wait for projects either I'm just so excited
about school, and the rest of my life.