Nick's Journal
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2008-08-20 02:38:33 (UTC)

Idiot Proof

i sat through an excruciating hour long "Harrassment
Seminar." aside from the horrible irony of having the very
person who only last thursday "threw me under the bus"
preach to ME how to act pleasantly so as to uphold the
fragile relationships upon which our corporation thrives.
there i sat watching that son of a bitch flit around,
congratulating himself while introducing our 'harrasment
awareness coordinators'.
in front of me stood a troupe consisting of one latino girl,
one latino man, one black woman, and one old ass wrinkled
white dude. apparently the new age of human resource
monkeys have finally realized that those moronic videos they
normally show are condescending at best, outright boring at
worst. so...they instead bring live people to act out
sexual harrasment situations.
it's like the god damned 4H club. the old dude acted like
he was william fucking shakespeare; narrating the upcoming
"now in this scene we see that even inter-racial humor can
sometimes be inappropriate."
of course what he meant was INTRA-racial humor. and now i
realized why there were two latinos, as the human was
talking in what uncomfortably seemed to be a gangster like
accent constantly referring to the latino man as "hermano."

now its really uncomfortable watching this live and the
whole thing seemed like a perfectly michael scott dreamed up
scenario. aside from the uncomfortable nervous laughter we
had to adjust to what was apparently the old man wheezing
for breath each time he narrated. of course he was an
integral part in the "don't harrass old people either" scenario.
midway through the third performance matt leaned forward to
me quite casually, arms folded and remarked in the most
matter-of-fact manner,
"i would bang the shit out of that mexican chick up there."
"how do you know she's mexican?"
"i caught her dozing off during one of gramp's narrations."
"which is odd, because you'd expect the old dude to hit the
hay by 3 pm anyhow."
yes, harassment training works!

and in light of how uncomfortable and downright ridiculous
the whole spiel was i couldn't help but concede that it was
probably necessary; because i'm sure that some idiot would
make an intRA-racial joke and cause offense.
in have to idiot proof.

and then of course to pile on annoyance after annoyance my
financial aid office decided to piss me off. so they send
me my hour work sheet back, on which i wrote the following:
5:15 & 3:45
indicating that on one day i worked 5 hours and 15 mins and
the other 3 hours and 45 mins.
they sent it back to me because part-hours have to be
recorded in quarters.
what kills me is that, to the letter of the rule they are
right. but any idiot, who would take just an ounce of time,
could figure out (by simply realizing that the total # of
hours was a whole #!!!) what i meant by the hour denotation.
of course right away they let me know that,
"it's not our job to do that, it's your responsiblility to
correctly record your hours."
which is all fine and good except that:
1) i asked for the rules when i first got the timesheet (at
which time i was told that there were none...almost as if
you'd have to be an idiot to need rules)
2) the financial aid service center should accomodate their
students lives...not fuck them out of reimbursement!!!
so through clinched teeth i told them that with just minimal
effort they could have resolved the issue, to which i was
treated with the same spiel.
fucking frustrating.
i forgot to idiot proof my timesheet.

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