Waka Waka Waka
2008-08-19 16:00:32 (UTC)

Update to love life

So much has happened. Break up---back together. Break up--
-back together. Here is the skinny about what happened
from 9-8-08 to 9-19-08.

1.) Put his hands on either side of my head and shaking my
head back and forth while screaming that I was screwing
around on him. DRUNK!

2.) Smashed his new phone into a thousand parts because I
broke up with him. DRUNK!

3.) Smashed his truck because of me. DRUNK!

4.) Grabbed me by the throat and squeezed while screaming
in my face that I was fucking around at a family reunion
becasue I took to long going to the bathroom so I must have
been fucking one of his cousins in the woods. NOT DRUNK!

5.) Freaked out on me because instead of getting in the
shower with him and scrubbing his back like a man deserves
to be treated I sat at the kitchen table talking to one of
my girlfriends. I got up and walked out with him following
me in a towel screaming about what a whore I was. DRUNK!

6.) Smashed his car into a tree last night because after
24 missed calls to me (as if I was going to answer) and 14
drunk phone messages to me that if I didn't pick up my
phone and talk to him he was going to kill himself.
this afternoon no one has heard from him so I don't know if
he did it or not. Some sick part of me is worried that he
really did hurt himself and the other sick part of me
hopes he did because I just don't seem strong enough to
stay away from him. We both have discussed that we just
arn't good together but both of us also admitt that we
can't stay away from each other.

I am weak and I have called him to see if he is ok but so
far he hasn't called me back. His friends are getting
worried, they are going over to his place in an hour and
seeing if he is home, he is not answering their phone call
either. I told them to call me and if no one can find him
and since I'm the rotten person who did this to him, I will
call his mom and dad and see if they know where he is at.

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