Me, Myself, and Others
2001-10-09 21:43:41 (UTC)

Trivial Pursuits

Why does anyone bother to show school spirit anymore? I
simply son't understand this concept. I mean, people
bitch, bitch, bitch about how much they hate school, and
how stupid school spirit days are, yet they show this
unending devotion to following the theme of the day! Like
tomorrow for example is, god help us all, hoe down day
(which for all of you who live in las vegas, amsterdam, and
those of you who just have sick minds is about farmers, not
prostitutes). All of my friends are obstinately against
this day, yet they are planning on dressing up like a bunch
of inbred hillbillies! Anyway that is the end of my rant
for the day, so tchus!