2008-08-16 19:19:53 (UTC)

Today 1404 2008.08.16

I had this dream that Teresa and I made the acquaintance
of a prince and he was very handsome and down to earth.
Damn he was hot! I really kinda wanted to hook up with
him, but at the same time I was thinking about, I'm with
Chris. It was really fun being with him and hanging out.
We would go undercover in all of these disguises and as
soon as we got the slightest amount of heat we would run
for it in the underground tunnels.

This is an intersting dream because: "To see a prince in
your dream, signifies honor and recognition will be
bestowed upon you. Alternatively, it indicates your wishes
for romance and meeting that Prince Charming."

So on one part I was thinking that mybe I will get that
scholorship even though the winner was suppose to be
notified yesterday and my chances are well yes and no. The
other recognition I could receive which I did was on my
weight and the lack there of it. My mom noticed a change
in my body even though the scale did not.

But kinda... the whole thing with a desire for romance? I
guess that is more the route it was going sadly enough.
Cause last night I was hanging with eveyrone for Anna's b-
day. and he was really quiet and at the end of the night I
relly wanted to make out with him. It's like his kisses
and his lips tasted extra good. They don't most of the
time because there is too much tongue most of the time, or
half the time. But just lips is perfect. So I guess that
could mean the whole wanting romance thing.

It's hard for me to figure out what it is that I want
sometimes because recently a lot of what I do do is what I
need to get done there is just so much that yet again
brakes are the only means of fun. Yesterday was not a
brake type fun, it was just fun. Tonight Kara is talking
about going to Coyote ugly. I'm down. I would love to work
there. Sometimes I still debate about that. But really I
would. The only thing I really worry about is guys hittin
on me, but hey wait, in coyote, anyone says something to
me, I don't have to put up with it. I can insult them
back. Hose them down throw Ice at them, or hell just ask
for them to be removed cause you can't mess with a coyote,
other places, you just have to take it. I mean, I wouldn't
hose down a guy for telling me I'm pretty, but I would if
they'd say something like, I wanna get in your pussy, or I
want to get you wet. Then I'd just get them wet.

I'd like to respond with something spunky so they wouldn't
leave, they'd just change their tune.

The other option with that dream is me not being satisfied
with chris. But I'm pretty sure I am. I mean, we're not
fighting. So I doubt that that is it, but secretely I do
fear sometimes, if things would fall apart. And I fear
being with him for so long and then finding the prince
charming. I mean I was thinking of Chris when I was with
this guy. Otherwise wouldn't prince charming be chris?

Maybe it's all of the above renditions.

Karolina is coming over, I don't feel like reading, but I
really aught to atleast so I don't fall behind anymore
then I alredy am.

I'm gonnna do something now ciao