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my submissive life
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2008-08-16 19:02:44 (UTC)

Week Four

Monday AM:
All weekend long Master J had me peeing in my toilet
without flushing. This morning, before showering, I was
ordered to kneel in front of the toilet and dunk my head
into it. He ordered me to dunk my head in it 10 times,
holding it inside for at least 10 seconds each time. Only
after my piss-dunking was I allowed to shower and go to
Monday PM:
Mistress A ordered me to scrub my kitchen floor
thoroughly. No using a mop, I had to scrub it with a small
sponge while on my hands and knees. Then, to prove how
clean it was, she ordered me to squeeze a bottle of ketchup
onto the floor. I had to squeeze the bottle and write the
word PAINSLUT on the floor in ketchup. The word had to be
at least 4 feet long and 2 feet high. Then, Mistress A
ordered me to lick it all up off the floor. She called it
incentive to do a good job cleaning. I was not allowed any
other dinner besides my ketchup.

Tuesday AM:
Before leaving for work today, Master J’s orders were
simple. I had to slap myself across my face, hard, 6
times, same cheek. He made me do it while still on the
phone with him. I put it on speakerphone so he could hear
each slap. He warned me to do it very hard, because if the
slap wasn’t loud enough, I would have to do it over.
Ultimately, he had me slap my face a total of 9 times
because 3 weren’t hard enough. My face really hurt and I
know the redness would be noticeable at work.
Tuesday PM:
Master J ordered me to put my vibrating bullet in my
panties, tight against my clit as soon as I got home from
work. He ordered me to turn the vibe on to setting number
4. This setting kept the vibrations varying on and off and
slow to fast. He knew this setting would keep me very
aroused, but not quite let me orgasm. He ordered me to
keep it on until I went to bed, a full 5 hours feeling the
constant vibrations and unable to cum. I was, of course,
not allowed to masturbate before going to sleep. He wanted
me twisting and turning in sexual frustration all night

Wednesday AM:
Mistress A ordered me to wear big granny-panties to work
today. But I had to take just one side of them, and give
myself a half-wedgie. So I had to spend the day feeling
very awkward with just half my ass covered and half hanging
out with a partial, yet still uncomfortable wedgie. I, of
course, was not allowed to adjust it. Similarly, just
before I left work at the end of the day I had to pull one
tit up out of my bra and leave it that way until my PM
phone call. I felt very silly and odd driving home so out
of balance.
Wednesday PM:
Master J again ordered me to put my vibrating bullet in my
panties, tight against my clit as soon as I got home from
work. This time he ordered me to put on setting number 3.
This was the fastest and strongest setting. It was not
intermittent; it was steady. It would make me cum very
quickly. Again I was ordered to keep it on and tight to my
clit until I went to bed, about 5 hours. Master J knew
this would make me cum over and over again all night long.
Each time becoming more and more painful until my pore clit
was in agony.

Thursday AM:
Mistress A had some more humiliation and discomfort in mind
for me again this morning. While driving to and from work
I was ordered to wear clothespins on each of my earlobes,
on each nostril, and three on my upper and lower lips.
There was no way of hiding my face while driving and I
could see the other drivers staring at me. I was so
Thursday PM:
Mistress A decided it was time for some much needed pain
tonight. And she decided it would involve more
clothespins. I was to put one clothespin on my clit and
leave it there for 30 minutes. Then I was to remove it.
Then I had to put two clothespins on my nipples and leave
them there for 30 minutes. At the end of the 30 minutes, I
had to yank/rip them off my nipples. Then I had to put the
clothespin back on my already sore clit. I was to repeat
this process all night. Torturing my clit and my nipples
over and over again.

Friday AM:
Master J ordered me to wear a pair of small, tight cotton
panties to work today along with a skirt suit. But before
I could put on my panties and suit, I had to insert two
large silver Benwa balls into my cunt. So as I walked
around all day I would feel them moving inside me, keeping
me aroused all day long. And while only I could feel them
and their torturous constant motion, I’d be wondering if
somehow everyone around me knew my dirty secret. Of
course, my panties were soaking wet by the end of the day.
When I got in my car to drive home, I had to slip off my
panties. I was ordered to stuff them all the way in my
mouth and suck on my cunt-soaked panties for the entire
drive home.
Friday PM:
Master J ordered to hang my disgusting panties up to air
dry during the night. He said I’d be wearing them again
tomorrow. The rest of my instructions for the night were
simple. I was to shove my right middle finger up my ass,
and stay that way. All night long I had to keep my finger
deep in my ass, making it hard to walk or do almost
anything. I could only use my left hand. When I wanted to
sit, I had to sit with my right hand under me and keeping
my finger there. I felt ridiculous. I could only remove
it at 11pm when I was going to bed, and of course, I wasn’t
allowed to wash my hand first.

Saturday AM:
Master J ordered me to quickly wash and dress. I was
ordered to put back on yesterday’s panties, still covered
in my saliva and pussy juices. I was also ordered to wear
a plain skirt and white t-shirt, no bra. Dressed like
this, I was told to make a stop on the way to their house.
Mistress ordered me to do some quick shopping in a pet
store. I was told to buy for myself a collar, leash, and
dog bone chew toy. Walking around the store I felt certain
everyone could see my braless tits bouncing under my
shirt. I also felt sure they knew I was shopping for
myself rather than a pet. Once back in my car I was told
to fasten the collar around my neck. It was big and black
and impossible to miss. I also had to attach the leash.
Finally, for the duration of the drive, I was to keep my
dog bone toy held firmly in my mouth. The rubber bone was
my only breakfast. I kept glancing at the faces of the
other drivers as they passed me, looking at my collar and
bone and leash. I was utterly humiliated. And when I
finally got to their house, I had to walk across the
parking and up the long path to their place with my chew
toy still in my mouth, collar, and leash dangling in front
of me.