2008-08-15 13:43:47 (UTC)

816, 08/08/15

Up there is film time. Year first then month then day.
this is to lose confusion of labeling dates when not
shooting in the us, or transferring data to different
countries. So that everyone is on the same page.

So here's the scoop. I kinda miscalculated yesterday about
the whole reading thing. Turns out that 37pages times 10
days behind is 370 and not 300. How did I do that? add
another 37 is 407 pages behind. Well like I said, allow
some room for incompletion, don't be hard on myself adn
all will be well. So I did do like 2 or 3 days worth. Oh
right. counting the new count of today I'm still 9 days
behind. that isn't too bad actually cause that book shoot
to kill is a good read. Good stuff and not too huge pages
it's kinda easy reading. Mostly story oriented and not a
lot of defenitions and explanations. I can finish it off
today. Especially that the next chapter is about 70 pages.
The great thing about that is that I'll bust ouff 2 days
of reading in one chapter, get to 1/3rd the book, and
mostly because it mainly consists of budget worksheets. So
I glance at them till they make sense and then like 10
pages are completed very easily. The only bad thing is
that I went to sleep late last night. Like at 1230 or so.
So I woke up at 730 (which is an hour behind the regular
schedule that I want to coordinate myself to) and I'm
still a little tired. I could so go back to sleep.

Today I am definately doing yoga. That diet I think has
reregulated me onto some great stuff I feel thinner. You
know how I would wake up the next day losing a few
centimeters off of my waist. Same thing happened today. So
I gotta keep with the diet of liquid's and fruit. I was
thinking last night how I really aughta post that on a
wall somwhere. That way, should I forget I have a
reminder, and it would also put everythign in perspective
for me of what I am commiting to.

So yeah, definately yoga today cause my period isn't as
drastic and I feel that doing yoga especially at this
point will get me even more on track. I'll still do my
toning excercises, I'll just do Yoga first. Besides, my
excercises are done kinda half ass, and they are just the
ones that would stimulate my muscles here and there. I
might do some jump roping before I eat so I can boost my
metabolism even more. What's even better yet is that I
started marking down how many days I've been on this
diet/excercise thing. This is a better way to track

Can you believe that Chris finally admitted how I let
myself go? Well he didn't put it in those terms. He just
said what was true. I smell, he can see my armpit hair and
i have bad breath. That last one is due to an onion
sandwich I had that day. Aren't you proud that's he only
form of bread I had that whole day.

Maybe I should start taking vitamins, but first I gotta a
figure out if they give you more metabolism or what cause
sometimes I take them and I end up beeing a bit fatter the
next day.

Anyways back to Chris. HE is totally right. He didn't want
to say it straight out but it was true. I no longer pretty
myself up to go see him. I no longer need to impress him.
I feel like we're married already. And yeah. But this
isn't the greatest thing. I just gotta watch my hygiene
more. Which I am doing. SOmetimes I strated brushing my
teeth only at the end of the day sometimes twice, because
just before my last meal of the day they started feeling
fuzzy so I brush and then eat adn then brush again. So
this is a trend that happens whenever I don't have
anything to do in the morning. I wake up eat, do stuff at
home. NOrmally I geared myself to brush my teeth just
before leaving the house so since I'm not going anywhere
I'm not brushing. And once it's later later, I'm not only
not brushing but not taking time to shower, even though I
am sweating now because I kinda excercise and I do a
little half an hour or so of dance.

This one time when I was writing my first paper I think
this was in High school, and I had to type it up, the
teacher said it has to be double spaced, and I didn't know
what exactly she means by that, so I did double space. I
put in an extra space between every word. Took a hell of a
long time and I really didn't understand the request, but
I did it. I also thought that these american kids have odd
demands brought upon them that waste a lot of time. BUt I
like doing odd things that waste a lot of time sometimes.
I don't know why I like that kinda of stuff. Just thought
of that for the reason up in the last paragraph.

So I don't wear certain things like Jeans cause they don't
fit me well. Hell only one pair of jeans still fits me.
Everything else is sweat pants, and that one pair of black
khakis or whatever you wanna call them. Besides that there
are only shorts. WHich one of is too short, and another
tight. Point is that I will go on a big shopping spree as
soon as I lose some weight and tone up. Cause right now,
I'm not gonna buy fatter stuff, HELL NO! And I'm not even
gonna go through the embarressment of having to try
somethign really cute on and say shit, it looks great but
only on some flat stomached chick with better arms. I know
I've got all of this beauty in me, its's just a matter of
time and determination.

"Difficult to conquer is oneself, but when that is
conquered everything is conquered"

I've got that qoute next to me right now. How odd to
notice it. I think once I start school it will be much
easier to lose weight cause I'll be more active. That's
wehn I go to Cory level of slimmness. Because I forget to
eat. If there wasn't a lunch break or something I think I
would actually forget. Yup. YUp Guess that's it for now.