Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-08-14 00:45:04 (UTC)

endless days

pass by. silently and without change. I long for,
something, but cannot quite feel the winds of change,
that so often permeated the air before.

what with my grandpapa deciding he's ready and wants
to off himself, and my mom's cancer surgery going
sideways, I'm not to sure exactly of what it is that'
I'm even doing. i might go back to winnipeg soon, and
see what occurs. le sigh.

still waters is all I ask for. but honestly, I like
the tumultuous and tempestuous waters, the churning
chaos is something I strive for, and thrive in.

I'd like someone who can keep my grounded, but still
willing to jump into the deep end with me. I'm sure
she's out there, i could already know her, speak to
her, laugh with her, make her laugh. we'll see I guess.