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2008-08-13 00:26:01 (UTC)

Okay so morning pages didn t..

Okay so morning pages didn't turn out so well today. That
is okay. I'm at Chris's and loving it. Just got on mob
wars and got 3 bounty kills. Anyone who has played that
game, can tell you right off the bat that that is pretty
hard to do. I got a combined amount of about 600 mil for
it. That was great. But what was even better was checking
my discover account right before that and noticing that my
request for a higher max went through. It went up 2500
bucks. I'm very happy because that means that I can afford
to put all that stuff on my cards and not max them out,
and make the 6250 that I have to pay by Friday. I don't
know how I keep managing this. I like it.

My mom conviced Danish to cosign that leese for me. I wish
I could find it so that I don't have to shop around for
other student loans, and might not even get one. I'd just
like to get approved already. Or just work at freaking
Coyote Ugly or some wrigley ville bar that can make me 300
bucks a night. I don't even want to work. I like my life
right now where I just study and do whatever I want to do
like read books and hang with friends. Just add the part
with having money so that I can actually buy stuff and go
to food places and pay for myself. Places like sushi and
Thai. Heck maybe even see a movie not just say damn I'd
like to see that and wait to see it on bootleg, or if
Chris wants to see it too and he'll pay. Or maybe if my
friends drag me out. I still have to pay, but it's one of
those nights where you're having fun, but in the back of
your're head you're like, damn I wish I could enjoy this
and not worry about overspending, or oh I can't do
anything after the movie because I have no more money for
it. Nothing like that. That would be great.

So the plan is that I pay 1250 Debit. Cause my card has
been activated and that will be well enough to make it.
Then 500 on American Express, and the rest, 4500 on
Discover. I think I rather just do 1000 on American
Express and the rest on Discover. This way I might get
more rewards but probably not, cause it's my school and
they don't participate in cash back. Besides that, I'm
already gonna be going over my half the limit. And if you
go over half the max you end up lowering your credit score
by a couple of points. I guess this will be fine. I'll
deal. AMEX has no interest for 15 months, and I'll need to
milk that for all it is worth, cause who knows how much
interest I'll be paying off on Discover. Come to think of
it, I really should transfer that 200 From ING to WAMU so
that it can be a payment for Discover when that comes time
for that. It's better I think for it to get rid of some of
the interest rather then accumulate interst in my bank
account. Cause it certainly wouldn't make up a big

I would like to, since this is working out nicely, not to
have to apply for a freaking student loan anyway. I mean,
there's a lot of iffy going on with that already. But I
would love to be independent of that whole thing. Besides
I fucking had to beg my whole family to cosign for me, and
the only person that did it willingly was my mom. She had
to force Arthur and Daniel to do it.

The only main reason why I really need to do this, is
because I can't keep maxing out my credit cards, and
because I need to buy a laptop real soon. School starts in
a month pretty much. I still haven't made the arrangements
to get one. Still need a couple of other things for school.

Oh by the way. The other great thing about today was
Chris. I was in this horny mood, and mand did he satisfy.
I think that that was the bese sex I've had with him, in a
while. I mean... I think part of that was because I
stumbled upon some soft porn on Youtube. OOps. what can I
say. I guess chicks making out turns me on a little. Or a
lot depending on what else they are doing and how fine
they are. This doesn't make me bi. But I can't quite put
my finger on it. Why is it that most women can't
appreciate a guy for his stuff as much as anyone can
appreciate a woman for her body and sex appeal. Are guys
just not as sexy as women? Maybe it's just the whole guys
just wanna stick it in and they're done. Women have so
much more to play with. Like, they have kinky outfits. If
a guy puts on anything remotely kinky it just doesn't
really work. Guys and kinky clothes just doesn't work.
It's better if well built men wear nothing or nothing but
speedo's and flex. Women on the other hand, there is the
whole, hair, makeup, and lingerie thing to play with. You
cold wear lace or silk, thongs or something more creative,
corsettes or skimpy tanktop. Hell a piece of cloth wrapped
around the right way would be fine. With guys no. Just get
naked, and cover up your John. Cause that's right we want
to see the body. Not the junk. Ther is a reason it is
called junk. I guess it is also kinda intersting with two
chiks. You wonder what they are gonna do to please each
other. I mean, a woman knows how a woman wants to be
touched. She also doesn't have tha male mentality of just
stick it in. She knows how to play and requires that as
well. So there's a lot of making out going on and
touching. I guess that's it. That's what gets every body
hyped up. Cause if you just get to the point without
anouncing the idea, and stirring up excitement, then when
the moment comes and you see some skin you're just like,
what just happened?

Anyway, so after I saw some of that I got a little horny.
So I figure why not take advantage of that, so I popped in
the shower, got myself off, tried it the second time, but
it was just too soon. Later Chris called and an hour or so
later, I had the best series of orgasms I've ever had.
Damn. Thanks make out youtube chicks. Damn.

So now he is back from Jury duty been there all day on
like a couple of hours of sleep so he is sleeping now.

Oh yeah, so here's how that whole yoga thing is working
out. Due to the great enthusiastic sex of about 2 hours
ago I think I'm good for today. I'll do more yoga
tomorrow. Besides I wasn't gonna do it all out cause my
legs are still a bit sore from the darn pilgrimage. Of
Which I still have to put up pics.

I only slept like 4 hours today. Woke up and finished
watching Dr. Zhivago. Not a bad movie. Not a great movie
either. I have two more to watch till tomorrow, but my vcr
needs that cleaning tape or I just need to watch it on a
different vcr. I wouldn't mind just letting the whole
issue go cause I've got other stuff to do as well now.
Like the whole yoga and writing thing. Besides, I'm over a
week behind on reading. I'm sure I can catch up, but I end
up breaking frequently because I want it to all sink in.
It's not like it's just a story. The bad thing is that
mostly the hard reads are getting stuck at the end. like
that law of film stuff, the Perceptions and Imaging, as
well as ... somehting else. I think it is more of a big
book then a hard book. If I do 2 or 3 days of 100 pagers
It shouldn't be a problem I'd rather catch up then
readjust my reading.

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