Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2008-08-09 19:11:39 (UTC)


I always thought my mother was a confident and strong woman.
But now I have doubts. Let me explain...

A week ago today our kitty ran away/got stolen. My mother
got really attached to him, probably because he was the only
cat that actually loved my mother. He always wanted to be
around her. We have songs for him and cute nicknames. We
showed him a lot of love, there was no way he would run away.

Anyways, yesterday as I was in the bathroom with my mommy
getting ready to go out, I started singing the song. She got
sad and upset with me! She doesn't want me to mention him or
show picture of him.

So, I asked her, "aren't you strong enough to talk about him
without crying?" She replied saying that she can't. I told
her that I thought she was strong..hahaha! She told me she
is, but sometimes, lol. WOW, I would have never imagined my
mother not being strong in a situation like this one. My
mother and I are truly complete opposites.

I loved the kitten too, but him being missing is out of my
control. I can't suffer when something is completely out of
my hands, that's not how I am. If he was missing because I
brought him to a park, then yes, I'd be crying my eyes out
wondering how I could be so stupid.

Anyways, yesterday afternoon I posted flyers about my
missing kitty. Hopefully someone will see it and call. I
really want him home. It's so quiet without him.

Well, there's a confession I want to say... but I'm feeling
too guilty to say it right now. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

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