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2008-08-08 16:34:42 (UTC)

Sad day

Hard to believe my last entry has only been 3 days ago.
Thursday he broke up with me because I took my son to his
dad's on my lunch hour and didn't call him to tell him that
I was doing that. He accused me of sleeping with my XH.
He wheeled into my driveway last night about 6:00 and I
told the kids to get into their rooms and not come out no
matter what. He came in the house and started yelling at
me that I was a whore and he wanted his shirt back, I got
him his shirt and threw it at him and he started yelling
about what a whore I was and I told him to keep it down so
the kids didn't hear which then he really started screaming-
---saying that the boys should know what a smelly whore
there mother was and that I was a bad mother and should
have my children taken away from me. I told him to get the
fuck out of my house. He took off squealing. My dad was
way out back of my place in the garden and he came running
up because he could hear him screaming at me. He went out
drinking and texted me until he couldn't text anymore (he
must not have been able to focus because it was all
garrbled) he kept calling but I wouldn't answer all the
time, probably only every 3 I would answer. By 1:00 he was
calling me to say that my XH was in the bar and they had
talked and they both agreed that I was a whore. I told him
that my XH had to much class to be in a bar and if he was
hand him the phone (lie, lie, lie----he always lies about
stupid stuff) he then said that he had met a 23 year old
and he was taking her home and screwing her in our bed
(been there----done that---pick out a new threat!) He then
called me to ask me to bring him $100.00 because his bar
tab was $180.00 (yeah, be RIGHT THERE!) He called two more
times at 3:00am and he left a voice mail with the last one
that he had just gone into the ditch and he hoped I was
happy because the 23 year sure wasn't happy. That was the
last I have heard from him. What the hell is wrong with
him???!!!! What the hell is wrong with me!!!!!!! He is
getting worse and worse. Last week he freaked out the
night we got back together and breaking up and had me by
the back of the hair shaking my head with my hair screaming
that he had better not find any guys names on my cell phone
and if he finds out I was screwing around on him he would
burn my house down with me and my two boys in it. OF COURSE
he was DRUNK at the time and like ALWAYS he is SOOOOO SORRY
the next day and I'm the stupid fool who just keeps going
back :(