2008-08-05 06:47:02 (UTC)

The Rejection Slip:

Rejection, rejection, rejection, flutters like autumn
leaves onto the table,
Leaves of doubt fall and smother the clear crystal waters
of his dreams.

Rejection clouds the writer’s eyes and smears his useless
attempts to explain,
A story that was hidden deep within that demanded to
escape his tangled mind.

Tears timidly creep out the side of his eyes,
And fall to splatter on the reflecting glass table.

The face agonises the situation causing deep crevices to
form on his forehead,
A shattering scream of despair escapes by forcing his lips

Like a whirlwind he swipes rejection away with a brush of
his hand,
To rise and flutter into the air briefly for a moment,
And then tumble awkwardly into a dark unforgotten corner.

With a final sigh he settles down on his chair to try
The tapping of keys echoes as he tries again, again and
again to succeed.