I Debbie...
2008-08-03 21:24:40 (UTC)

Sayings and Doings....

After this weekend's float trip I have come up with several
quotes that I wanted to write down for posterity

1. That's a "Wicky". n. expression referring to injuring
yourself while intoxicated or becoming intoxicated and
then laughingly talking about it the next day. Like trying
to use a rope swing but instead flailing yourself into the
1/2 inch of shoreline before it. Not to be confused with
not remembering it at all or getting told you were out of

2. "Good as Gold". adj. great or awesome as in the instant
coffee we had curtosy of our resident chef.

3. "For a first timer...." adj. expression said countless
times referring to how well the first timer on a float trip
did. Once or twice is fine. Every time you are together is
not just annoying but deserved of being slapped. Especially
when said first timer uses #6,#4,or a combination there-of.

4. "That's okay. He's harmless" n. sentence said to on one
hand describe the drunken friend who couldn't stop himself
from acting every part the drunken flirt while at the same
time venting that he was indeed behaving badly.

5. "Beer-ed out. Seriously I don't want any more, despite
how many times you ask or insist." n. sentence used to try
to tell the stubborn drunken dork that you really don't
want to get so drunk two nights in a row, that you prefer
to be able to walk not crawl to you tent and not do
anything stupid. Like piss on yourself or fall into a canoe
or backwards into the water.

6. "Your girlfriend. What's her name? Tell me about her."
n. sentences used to try to remind someone that you are
indeed not said girlfrind and that there is such a thing as
personal distance and restraint. Not to metion self-respect.

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