I Debbie...
2008-08-01 20:33:30 (UTC)

Float Trip Follies

This should be a fun trip. We are meeting Tom down on the
Current River along with Laura, Sarah, and Chris from
Brian's work. Hopefully Tom doesn't pee on himself or over
flirt with the girls. He may actually have to float with
Chris because since Brianna can't go there is an even
number of people going. See, sometimes it is a good thing
to have Brianna go!, dear Tom. I feel kinda bad that none
of Tom's friends can go. It's just bizarre that all of his
friends are such party poopers.

I actually got off work early! J came in the room with this
long sad face and said that she was there for me. Heck I
wanted to have the day off! I think it as more the fact
that she just didn't want to be in the baby room. She hates
being in a room. Must be nice to like a nomad and just
wander except when you are doing a special class that you
decide when and where and for how long you do it. I never
had that luxury when I was doing the program. I was lucky
to get the kids I had when I could because I never got out
of my room!!!!

My co-teacher's last week will be this coming week. As of
now I know of 4 teachers that put in to take over. Of
course the Powers That Be gave each various reasons for a
negative answer. One of the teachers and I that get along
the best was really upset. She and I have really bonded
over alot of the crap that has been going on especially
when the other blockhead was in my room for thw two weeks
that co-t was gone before. I really wish that co-t would
have clued me in because I would have taken some personal
time off before. I am not going to feel rigt taking off
time when I have parents who depend on me to be there. And
no one else suits them. There will be some things I will
miss but some things I rather do without. Like her
miserable attitude. It's like she has a permanent scowl on
her face.

But I will write more later.

Have At It,
I Debbie