Take a step into the unknown
2008-08-01 06:17:07 (UTC)

Dragon Dreams

The trees surround me and I feel the forest closing in. Branches crackling beneath my feet as I creep through the underbrush. The Forest mostly silent for the creatures hide at the sounds of his growls that echo in the night. My skin burns as the sharp forest bites at my bare flesh. My only light the full moon peeking its way through the tree tops. I don't know where I am or where I am going, but somehow something is drawing me to my destiny. I feel my way through the wood searching, fallowing his calls. The trees part, opening up to a small clearing. A white stone monolith gleams in the sliver moon light. The dragon stares.
I finally feel the stone against my fingers feeling his warmth
penetrating through. I fallow the dark wall till the steps
are visible, the steps leading to my fate. I can hear him,
feel him calling me. I am drawn to him drawn to the evil
within. my body moves without a sound creeping down the
stone steps as the fear envelopes me. I will not give in.
The smell is enough to make me want to run to hide but i
must face him. The fire burns within my soul my flesh singed
from the heat. There he stand the face of a demon yet i am
not scared. I go to him with all my will gone.