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2008-08-01 06:16:34 (UTC)

broken nevermore

Broken Nevermore

Friend, lover, and companion until the day we die
Cannot live without u, my words are not a lie
Crying every night you're not here beside me
Wishing that forever is what we'll always be

Fell into many pieces and left with a broken heart
My soul died those years ago when we had to part
Time has passed but still love lasts and it never will end
For u this broken heart will always know how to mend

Many men have passed me by and patiently you wait
Knowing soon your time will come, and leaving it to fate
You’ve seen me hurt, you've heard me cry, but still u wait
your turn
Wait for the time that I am yours, until then the tears
still burn

One day we will be together, our souls and hearts as one
Until that day we must remember God's work is never done
We say our prayers and look toward him, he will work it through
Then we will finally hold each other, and for forever “I’ll