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2008-07-31 04:45:34 (UTC)


I can see it all flashing before my eyes,
The gears are broken, the break lines cut,
Like a ton of bricks smashing to a wall,
My life as I know it is lost, no more standing tall,
Like a visionary I predict my downfall,
The end is so near I can't stand for this tall tale,
Except the reality is so hard to grasp,
I ignore the depths of time and gravity,
My anger grows as they get mad at me,
Voices mumbling people angry,
The noises grow louder, static electricity,
A white noise of hollow yet illuminating particles,
Been asleep to long, the TV's just out,

My head is heavy my body aches its hard to sleep,
My car is at the gates of hell,
I'm stuck with my peddle to the metal,
With no means to fuckin stop,
I'm so afraid of the crash,
So afraid of the day after the morrow of yesterday,
Tomorrow holds nothing but empty promises,
Friends that have been long lost,
And shallow, to be loathed people,
Their intentions clear nothing but them,
Me me me, its all about me,
Fuck you it ain't about you,
Look around at who you're callin a jew,
We all the same fucker lower you're voice,
I'll be the end of you if you dis my boys,
Fuckin strangle you, dangle you from the rooftops,
Laugh as your body drops,
Slice your veins so it spills it,
Release your inner most organs,

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