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2008-07-30 17:15:03 (UTC)

"But being a productive member of society is such a chore!" - The laziness myth and CMT

The following was posted in the Charcot-Marie-Tooth
facebook group 'discussion topics' section by me at 7am
this morning.


It would seem to be universal fact that one of the
characteristics that we CMTers regularly get tarred and
feathered with, in the largely unfair fashion, is laziness.

Apparently, due to physical (near) impossibilities, we are
a lazy bunch - Why? Because we don't help people move
heavy boxes, we are not too keen on looking like utter
fools trying to keep up in organized sporting events, we
welcome a 9 hour sleep on a regular basis, and the list
goes on for miles; long, tiring, miles.

Personally speaking, yah, I'm a little bit 'lazy',
especially when compared to traditional standards. Maybe
sometimes I even use my physical ailment as an excuse to
be a little excessively lazy, maybe we all do, but what
the general population doesn't understand about our
condition (take your pick) is the fine line between 'real'
and 'percieved' laziness (or inactivity) that we CMTers
are forced to deal with every day.

It is a matter of comfortable lving. Sure, we could give
it all we have - struggle to move, push, slither a few
heavy boxes along, then, after so doing, attempt to play a
brisk game of ultimate frisbee, followed later by going
out and bar hopping into the wee hours of the night. But
generally speaking, Joe normal guy, if most of us tried
all, or even half of that, we would not only be rendered
uselessly exhausted by the end of that day, but for
perhaps the next several. I've done it, we've probablly
all done it, and it sucks ass being drained to the point
of weakness and super tiredness for an extended period.
Not fun.

Therefore, due to the experience we have gained in getting
to know and understand our bodies, and the capabilities
and limitations of our bodies, sometimes we just HAVE to
sit out the big move - even though there is nothing else
we would rather be participating in.

Side note - how bad does CMT need a book or documentary???

Maybe a topic for a different day, but we, as a group of
online afflicted with all of our networking prowess,
seriously should consider banding together and pursuing
something like getting a book, doc., or even mainstream
news story going. There has been talk behind the scenes
and I have heard of/thought of some pretty excellent
ideas. Even if we just shared our stories in front of a
camera.. It's too bad we are all so lazy. hehe

Anyways.. feel free to post any impromptu ideas and what

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