Waka Waka Waka
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2008-07-30 02:05:27 (UTC)


Well the good news is that he is so done with me. He
hasn't called me or texted me all day and all of last
night. I did talk to our friends today and they told me
that they seen what happened Sat night and that they knew
it was him and not me and that he knew they seen it and
only told them that we were not going to be seeing each
other because he was tired of all the fighting we did
between each other. Smart on his half becuase if he would
have said ANYTHING bad about me to our friends I would have
spilled the beans on EVERYTHING he did to me. He plays
nice, I'll play nice. My revenge will be when we are
thrown together this weekend and I totally ignore him!!!
This is why you should'nt date friends of friends!!! My
new Victoria Secret bikini will be in this week for the
weekend and I will make sure I'm waring it this weekend for
the BBQ!!!! BURN BABY,BURN!!!!!!!!!

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