Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2008-07-29 18:27:25 (UTC)

Over Protective

I've known my good friend (let's call him John) since I was
14 (I'm 21 now), but we've only gotten closer as friends in
the past 3 years. He says he sees me as a sister (as well as
my other girlfriend). I've spoken to him about my problems
and I trust him with every thought I tell him.

With my last boyfriend, I knew he didn't like him at all.
Their were tense moments with him and everyone saw it. I
didn't really care enough to the point where it offended me
and that I felt the need to talk to him.

However, he wasn't really nice with my current boyfriend at
last weekend's get together. My boyfriend got really
offended and he told me right away. I was really upset at my
friend! How dare he speak to my boyfriend like he was some
jerk I just picked up from the street!

My girlfriend was was there when it happened was also
shocked and apologized to my boyfriend about what had happened.

I was talking to her the next day about it, she told me he's
like this because he sees me as his sister.

Maybe I should tell you what else happened that night...
Well the BBQ took place my buddy John's house and we all had
a few drinks and ate. I'm not suppose to drink, but i did
anyways. I was feeling sick so I stayed in his basement on
the couch with my boyfriend. We would have moments alone,
but nothing happened. I was feeling nervous/nauseated and i
really didn't want to be around people seeing me in that
condition. At one point I couldn't take it, so we went into
the bathroom. John came and knocked on the door and was
calling out for me. We didn't respond. I cleaned myself up
and we left the bathroom. As we walked to the couch, I over
heard John whisper to someone, "they have no fuckin' respect".

Pardon me!?

Why is he jumping to conclusions?!!!

Doe he not fuckin' trust me?

Do I have to report to him every second I'm not feeling well?!

My boyfriend slept at his house that night and he told me
that John was being kind of weird at some moments towards
him. And he was still questioning my boyfriend asking him if
I was reallying throwing up.

Okay, fine. Thank you for caring for me, but do you really
need to be a dick to my boyfriend?

He knows how much we love each other! I've known my
boyfriend for 2 years, he isn't a stranger.

Guys, why does he feel the need to be really over protective
with me?

What surprised me the most was, why should it bother him if
my boyfriend and I do stuff?

He knows my boyfriend, he likes my boyfriend, they get
along! My boyfriend respects me and I love him more because
of it.


Guys... what's your take on this? Are you protective over a
female friend?

Please help me to understand the male's perspective.

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