things running through my mind.
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2008-07-29 03:52:39 (UTC)

so about 3 years later

my life now.

wow things have changed. i never notice when things are
changing but i guess that when i look back on life i
realized that a lot has changed.
I am now going into my senior year at state. Im actually
kinda afraid i will be living in a house with 16 girls and i
only know 4 of them really well. So basically this year will
be a big change i think.

I guess ill sum the years up.
1st: me and josephine were never apart and laughed at
everything all the time. We hungout with basically just guys
all the time and we lived at redditts and schwartz basically
every weekend. I worked at hollister all year and i loved
it. the 2nd semester is the worst i did in school so far. I
met alot of my friends that im still really good friends with.
i lived in a401 armstrong.

2nd: so the year started off weird with jo nt like kevin for
some reason and then like the 3rd week i got an MIP with
amanda shomo i hid it from everyone kevin and josephine
still dont know. so basically from sep-march i didnt drink
at all. Me and josephine grew apart and got in a huge fight
she moved out. And semester