2008-07-26 14:32:24 (UTC)

My perfect life, and how I got it...

My perfect life consists of many things that are egoic
yes, but in my defense, it's not like it's a bad thing to
all of a sudden have more clothes now then I ever did in
my whole life. I would just like to finaly have a closet
that fits me, matches my style, and is not filled with
cheap stuff that breaks in a matter of days. I would like
to finally have days that I hang with my friends, and we
would just stop by a shop that's cute, and not cheap but
not expensive either that has some very unique things, and
be able to buy an item or two on a couple seperate
occassions. Just like yesterday. There were a couple of
things I would of loved to have bought, but I didn't even
want to try them on cause I know that I really don't want
to spend money.

I see myself in the future as a brilliant, hot new
director. Straight out of school and after just a few
minor gigs, submitting some short films to a couple of
film festivals I'd get noticed by some hot new movie
producer and make the kind of scrypts that would touch
people's lives. Like "RePrioritizing."

I would love to then afford a lifestyle that I have but
can't afford and because of it are slight suffocating
myself. I would love to not worry about transportation. If
I want to hang out with a friend that is across mother is pissing me off. I haven't been
pissed off in a while so this is an unusual feeling to say
the least.

In my perfect world I will have a custom built house with
a library and a guest suite of 3 small rooms above a
garage. I don't know how I feel about driving anything but
I would like to have a 3 car garage. This is mostly so
that on one side I can fit a bunch of stuff in like tools,
and maybe have it be more of a shop of metal or wood.
Should I ever have kids that eventually drive, that could
change according to need. Though should I have the kind of
kids I would like to raise, they would find more
appreciation for a personal wood, or metal shop then to
have a garage car spot.

I might have somebody on staff to help me out with some
cooking, or cleaning, or whatever. I would love to do this
stuff on my own, but if I do have as big a place as I
would have the maintnance on it would might get a little
out of hand at times. I rather do so many things on my
own, but I guess gardening is something I hope I have time
for. Because I would love home made, organic fruit and
vegetables. Those would consist of: Carrots, broccoli,
string beans, Pietruszka, thyme, lavender, tomatoes,
chamomile, mint, cucumbers, horseradish, beets, cherries,
grapes, watermelon, romaine lettuce, celery and whatever
else I might think of. I can do it. It would take learning
some more gardening things and being out there every day
but I would love to atleast do the whole experience
beginnging to end some time. Hopefully I wouldn't become
too lazy to not tend to it. And hopefully I would also add
enough love and care into it through meditation.

I meditate. I do yoga every day. that is the person that I
am. I eat whole organic food every day. I drink juices and
shakes every day. I am slender, I love my life, I love my
career. I am that girl in FALL. And great things will come
later in my life as well. I will invest in my own
successful clothing design business that will sell online,
as well as in a boutique, probably in wicker park. I will
sell a great variety of clothing, from corsetts to funny t-

I wish I had the guts to just invest in a bunch of
preshrunk t-shirts in a couple of different sizes and
print some shnazzy things on there. THen just have enough
faith that I will be able to sell them by just wearing
them. I should do a series of shirts that you wear one on
top of the other. Each have writing on them that says,
this shirt is for sale, then the next one says the same
and the same, until you get down to the last one and that
one says this shirt is not for sale. That would be pretty

I see myself in a chopper in the future. Probably not a
croch rocket, but a chopper. That would look so lovely. 3
car garage and all I've got is a chopper in it and a bunch
of wood.

I might ease up on the amount of movie watching I do. I
would take that time and spend it by making scripts,
exploring life, doing scholorships, putting together
plans, just like my book of cool ideas. Filling that in

But seriously, I would love some clothes. Not just
anything that believes that s, m, or l will fit all women,
but something that is more taylor made to me. Longer
shirts with neat zippers, markings, designs etc... I would
love an actual 16th century costume.

I would love a library full of movies on hard drives
I would love a library of books that I just have
I would love to have a walk in closet full of clothes I
I would love to have a chopper I love
I would love to have a house I designed
I would love to have a garden I cherrish and grow food in
I would love to have a 3 car garage
I would love to have a 3 suit place above it for guests
I would love to have the whole place clean and tidy
I would love to have a home theatre for about 16 people
I would love to have a musical library of all styles
I would love for the house to have secret passages
I would love for my best friend to live with me should she
ever need or want to get away from her parents
I would love to have her there
I would love to have a cappucino maker
I would love to have a seperate work studio
I would love to have an excercise room
I would love to have a party room
I would love to have a beautiful segragation from my
I would love to have nice & friendly neighbors
I would love to have IVY on that house, atleast partially.
I would love to have a deck a little bit on top that I can
suntan naked on.
I would love to have a pool there as well.
I would love to have all of that within 3 years.

This will all come true in 3 years. I know it. I love my
life in this house, in this lifestyly. Here in Chicago.