I Debbie...
2008-07-26 03:07:16 (UTC)

You Will Never Know Unless

1. you try to trust people. They can astound you,
frustrate , and confound you. They will try your patience
and create problems but in the end are we not all part of
the picture?

2. you talk to people. We all have different ways of
talking. Some are better with our voices and some are
better making word choices. And some of us can't help but
use our hands.

3. you just let go. Count to ten or a houndred or even ten
million. Or just breathe...

4. you persevere. By our own creation or our own Creator,
we know that even by ommision we are part of the problem or
a segment of the solution. Whether the wind is in our faces
or at our backs it is a cold colorless breeze that will
force us in a direction. The direction is in direct result
to our temperment and attitude.

Have At It,...

I Debbie