Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-07-23 01:58:52 (UTC)

Weather the Weather

I am a fool. why am I fool? well, when you go out working
in nothing but black clothes, because you own nothing of
color, you tend to attract heat. The other part, is you
tend to need to wear a t-shirt, while you are working,
which means that your arms, neck and forehead are exposed.

THUSLY GETTING FREAKING BURNED... omg. learn the lesson
the first fucking time. get some damned sun tan lotion,
and then go out and have some fun, I have to seriously get
some pf 40 or something equally ridiculous.

but all in all, I love the weather, it's nice, it's cool,
the air is fresh, if I didn't think I'd look like a retard
I'd probably go get a skateboard and be mentally retarded
down the streets of downtown, lol. ok, so maybe not.

So. now what. Dunno. Working hard at not working, also
hardly working at working hard, but nonetheless breaking
my back doing work. Call Centre Mantra might work, but
hasn't yielded anything yet. Soon perhaps.

I was seriously contemplating starting up a Catering
company after I worked for this couple and thier wedding
last weekend. I mean, seriously, it was fun. I'm going to
check some stuff out and see what kind of startup costs
etc I need.

We'll see. I might even start on finishing chapter 5 of my
book. who knows what the week holds.