2008-07-21 22:21:40 (UTC)

Unbreakable...M. Night Shyamalat... great movie... inspiration to write n direct my stuff

So I just saw unbreakable. Great movie. In the special
features I really related to M. NIght saying how he got
the first scene that made him write the rest of the story.
The one that started the whole tone right, and got a good
sense of what the characters really are. I could really
learn from that.

I know I can find that moment when I am writing that just
screams, this is the character. Along with all the movie
watching I've been doing, and reading I think now more
then ever I am able to write such a great story and have a
sixth sense intuition aside from my ego that can tell
which way to go with a story and dialogue to make it not
only lack cliche, and not be redundant, but ideal,
suspensful, like setting up two traps with every answer
revealed, until it all comes out at the end. More and more
now I feel as though I will be an excellen writer/