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2008-07-21 04:49:25 (UTC)

Like to write...

Like to write. A lot of things. Right now I'm tryign to
figure out what is the best thing I should be doing righ
tnow. I would liek to read, but I feel kinda dwoozy... So
I really should stary away from dizzying worsd. I'm doing
that thign againwhere I'm trying to type really fast
whatever comes to mind. Problem is, I don't really know
whdre to take this most of teh time. Urg, org... mother.
Annoying sometimes, this time. Don't know what to do about

I shoudl do an excercise, just for fun, and hopefully it
will work out. That is to do a bunch of notecards and
figure out a story front to back. Then just have a bunch
of those on file, like I always dreamed of... And either
spruce them up a bit, or just pick one out, which ever one
I would like to wrok with at given moment and start typing
away. Or jsut do character bios's for a half aweek, tehn
start trying to figure out [places, locations, other
scenarios, how it would really be in that environment.
Whatever that evnironment would be. Yup. Christopher Nolan
wrote Batman. Both of them, so it can't be impossible to
create a masterpiece that way. Even though most people
that do do that fail. That is mostly because it's a low
budget student film with unexperienced folks and no

I can do it. I can be a director/ screenwriter. Can't
wait. Must start producing major damage.