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2008-07-21 03:35:23 (UTC)

I feel like I could have a seizure at any point now...

I know I should be back on my meds, but that EEG is this
tuesday and my mom wouldn't live it down if I wouldn't go.
There would be no point in me going if I pop a pill. This
kinda blows, but It's interesting.

I mean, I thought I was fine, right now I kinda feel like
everything is oozy, and like my surrounding would be
dizzy, but I'm fine. I have slight, very minor, urges as
though I would be about to fall. It all seems quite
strange, and unique. If this is what it is like to be me,
I would love to continue like it. It's interesting. Maybe
it will help me create a unique vision for something.

Vision is everythting to a director, a wirter. To me. I'm
so very excited. I've got so many movies to watch, even
more at my disposal, and so many books to read. Knowledge
to fill my head with. I'm really hoping to just finish
with the books so that I could start reading others, to
investigate things in film that I am genereally weak on.
Like what is the process of the film. Like the film in the
camera. What does it go through, what kind of film is the
best, what is the industry standard?

Maybe I'll get back to plannning out some screen plays. If
I atleast plan it out, not even write it, then the writing
will be a peace of kace. lol. The language is the easy
part, and the plannning is the hard. I feel like the
joker. Just came from the Newest batman movie... Dark
Knight. LOVED IT loved heath ledger, loved the joker.
Great vision for the villain.

Here is what I would like to do after I read the books:

Find a couple of good screenplays of either movies I"ve
never seen, or ones never made, and do a line through of
what a director would first have to once getting a script,
and conceptualize my perfect vision of it. See how good a
vision I can have. Then maybe once do the same thing
except budger wise. OR atleast look at the last film we
did, and figure out how much it would cost to do the whole
thing professionally. That would be an interesting
experiment. I must savor this time because, I must go back
to work soon. Next week probably. Then I still must stay
on top of my 37 pages per day, not to mention I must
finally finish reading the new earth, and at the same time
watch more vhs's from the library. I figure how is this
for a schedule once I get a job...

37 pp per day
1 movie per day
work or hang out with someone

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