jenjen junglegirl

story of jungle girl
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2008-07-20 06:07:30 (UTC)


hey don't ask meh why i am using my old diary. ac2ally i
use it wenever i can...

and i don't care werever u read my online diary.... it
should be everywer on the net u c....

i just feel soo lame these days i can't even seem to write
anything nice. i can only write stupid stuffs o well this
is not even on on public maybe i have a reason to keep it
in private lols... wat a lame life i have.

i envy a lot of my friends like for example one one of my
friends i can't even say der names.....

if only i can be like them...

anyways, d only thing that is really missing in my life
right now is money. money is very important in my life
right now for i wanna go shopping and my education. wen
can i finish college??? i am soo lame i think i am going
to cry.

wat to say.... i can't even say his name. i can call him
by the name santana. i miss u and i envy u alot really.
darn sorry for my lame life. it could have been better ok
i gootta hit d shower peace!!!~

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