I Debbie...
2008-07-19 15:55:50 (UTC)

What Watching Soaps Have Taught Me

I know what those of you are saying. What is or could ever
be good about a soap opera. I mean for one thing they are
out of touch and trashy . I don't think that becoming
possesed or back from the dead after falling over a cliff
is real. Far from it. But there are some primary things
that are covered in a soap that I need to address.

1. No I don't think every time something bad will happen
there is a breakaway in filming or ominous music playing.
However, ever get a sick feeling in your chest or a bad
look from someone. Or even have an afterthought as you mull
over a conversation. Same thing.

2. Ever look at someone and know they are bad news? It
doesn't take a knife behind them that catches the sunlight.
It doesn't take their head rotating around or their eyes
becoming flames of fire. It takes a sixth sence. But there
are signs just as damning. Like when they are pumping you
for information or always leaning into your conversation
or undermining your every effort. Or when their greatest
accomplishment is being known as the person who can always
spread gossip or tell a tall tale.

3. The art of lying can be learned. And the art of having
a stoneface can be too. The only thing is there is a time
to tell a white lie and a time to own up. This is not
always seen in soaps but the aftermath is and should be
studied as well. I am not saying to become a chronic lier
but there are times putting someone's mind at ease is well
worth sacrificing alittle of your soul.

4. There are people out there who are out to hurt you. The
world is not all gold and sunshine. Bad things happen to
good people even under the guise of a learning experiance.
And if you can achieve alittle comfort by watching a
character you admire going through the same type of thing,
if this helps you get through then by all means then that
has been a benefit. If even for the sake of laughter.

5. Generally speaking when a medical or societal event
happens on many shows including soaps, there is a research
commity involved. Or the actor researches it for the sake
of his/her own portrayal. From this you can glean morsals
of truth that might aid in your understanding. Ei when
someone has bipolar disorders, alchohol will affect them.
Simple truths that may help or inspire.

Anyway just thought I would say thank you to the genre.

In relation especially to my last few posts,

I Debbie