Waka Waka Waka
2008-07-18 10:22:49 (UTC)

Well----Can I call it or what?

Sure enough my night was not a disapointment!!! On the way
there we were on the phone talking and he said that he
didn't want to see my over night bag on the kitchen chair
anymore----I knew this was coming because all during the
week he kept hinting asking me if I was sick of living out
of an overnight bag and I kept joking back that I liked it
because I knew where everything was. So he told me that he
had cleaned a couple of drawers out of one of his dressers
and that I could start keeping stuff at his house. We
agreeded to watch a movie and just relax. He came home
probably about 10 minutes after I got there and I was
outside taking his clothes off the line talking on my cell
and I gave him a quick hug when I was going past him with
his clothes in my arms and still babbling on the phone.
Well, I guess I pissed him off because I was on the phone
and he started----I got off the phone and he started
yelling about my bag being in the kitchen and what did he
tell me about that, I told him I had no idea what drawers
were mine and I wasn't going to go searching through his
stuff (he's really weird about that) he went off that he
didn't like the way I was saying "baby and Boo" to my
girlfriend on the phone because that just shows him that he
is nothing special to me because I call him that and I
should only be saying that stuff to him. He said that he
should be number 1 in my life not my friends and I couldn't
even get off the phone long enough to kiss him hello. He
said that he was going to the bar----so then I went off---
called him a drunk, told him I was sick of the way he
treated me and I knew he was going to start something
because the weekend was almost here and he HAD TO BE AT THE
BAR!!!!!! and if he was with me I would keep him out of
his precious bar! He yelled some more things at me as I
was getting my stuff---the usual "now I can go and be the
whore that I want to be, now I can go get some strange
cock" I admitt it----I lost my temper and turned around
and whipped my cell charger at him and screamed that I was
so tired of him pulling this shit on me when he was drunk---
I told him that I promised myself that I would not let him
do this to me again. I jumped in my car and took off, he
kept calling my cell and I kept hitting the hang up button
without even talking to him, he got in his car and tried
chasing me down but I have a sports car and he jumped in
his Grand AM so he couldn't catch me (thank god no deer
jumped out!) About 1:00 the drunk texts and phone calls
came in---I just turned my phone off---I can't deal with
this anymore. I don't like the person he made me become :(

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