I Debbie...
2008-07-17 02:22:31 (UTC)

Shall We Discuss How To Grow Balls

So who exactly do you think you are? You come ito my room,
do you hear that you sit on your ass teacher wanna be, and
pretend to offer comfort to my babies. Firstly, you do not
nor will you ever know them as well as I do. Nor their
parents. Who do you think they go to when they need
information. You are just a substitute and a poor one at
that for my co-teacher. as flawed as she is. As not really
in the right field as she is. But when I tell her
she basically tries to do what I say. Feed the baby as per
his parents not when you see fit. Lay her on her side in
her crib, not rock her to sleep so she only learns to fall
asleep using that crutch. When they are sick that is one
thing but when you do it to avoid doing anything else that
is a whole 'nother matter. Four other teachers saw it.

Yah okay lets take stock. Every time Irish twit says she
knew or has known her for years that means one of two

1. She, Irish twit woman , is blind to the "friends" faults
2. The friend is okay only around Irish twit woman.

1 2 = Bad combination!!!!! AKA all of Irish twit woman's
friends are useless ass kissers who can't be trusted.

Let's see ,..hmmm. ITW didn't like Ja.,MJ,LJ, and moms of
Da and OL. Come to think of it she doesn't like mom of AB
either. Occasionally she gets it right. But more often
not she flip flops her oppionions so often she should be
display for a pancake griddle commercial. Like okay its
okay for certain teachers to be on the borderline of
to kids but when its her child who by the way is a spaz at
best that is different. Catch a clue.....

And by the way ITW the next time you try to listen in on
other people's conversations don't lean so far back into
the adjacent room. You run the risk of either throwing you
back out or giving yourself whiplash.

Another aside is to L. I know you think you have won. But
have seen you for what you really are. An asskissing two
faced superior acting uneducated farce.
Have At It,
I Debbie
Years later Irisk Twit had the gaul to say to me that she
knew all about this fake teacher and that she just didn't
want to say anything. So you let me be miserable because ..
any clue ???