I Debbie...
2008-07-17 02:06:27 (UTC)

You Know You Will Recover From a Bad Day When

1. Even after you get pulled into the office by said three
mambers of mangement, you think to youself, hmmm. Now it
all makes sence.

2. Some of the same people you were speaking to have the
decency to ask if you are okay, and they actually mean it.

3. You have the opportunity to "appologize" to people to
get more information, or better yet to let them know you
know that they are lower than a rat. A mole that can and in
due time will become roadkill.

4. You realize that said mole has been exposed and you know
now to never ever trust her again. Despite the appology
mentioned before.

5. You are able to thank yourself that you have a degree in
Psychology. And that your Italian ancestors taught you how
to protect your back.

6. You realize that the people who have entrusted you with
taking care of their children not only rely and depend on
you, they appreciate you. They have your back as much as
you have theirs.

7. The said idiot who thought she would be handed your room
on a silver platter knows that not only does management
know but you know as well. Plan backfired and eaten up in a
ball of flames.

8. You realize that your sixth sence that you thought you
had lost has returned. You can rely on it, that voice
within that teaches, trains, and protects.

9. You come home not demoralized but energized by a battle
waged and won against stupid stupid people.

Have At It,
I Debbie