I Debbie...
2008-07-16 23:04:29 (UTC)

You Know You Are Going to Have A Bad Day WHEN....

1. Someone at work tells you that someone is trying to
become your co teacher and the more you talk to other
people the more you realize that it is not a rumor.

2. You find yourself actually talking to someone and others
around you don't just listen, they snoop.

3. You are called into the manager's office and all three
are there and they shut the door.

4. You don't know for sure who decided to open their big
fat mouth but you can guess. And you don't like the answer.

5. People keep telling you to breathe!!

6. The person who is supposed to be helping you because
your co-teacher is gone does nothing except sit on her fat
ass, eat McDonalds and sing to anything that pops into her
head. Then she disregards anything you say because she
thinks this is her fucking room. Then she pretends to cozy
up to you, ask unusual questions and go on extended bathroom

Have At It,

I Debbie