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2008-07-16 03:25:16 (UTC)

shoulda coulda not

I shoulda been someone else,
Coulda been someone,
Instead, im lost.

Deep in the forest it rains,
While on the outside it's tame,
Placid blood falls from the sky,
A plastic brush hides you're face,
You're soul has a hole bleeding threw,
Soaking into you're once loving heart,
Tainting it black, it's sour and infected,
The hatred you held so dear,
Is captured, stored away for another year,
You scream out loud but no one is around,
Nothing seems to matter,
As it all gets better..

Sun arisen a new day has come,
The illness still remains,
Secluded and hidden it still hides,
We put up a front and act happy, still..
The storm clouds are coming,
Thunder, lightening and hail,
Eruptions and loud sounds penetrate those,
Whom seek only happiness,
And before I lay my head down in the muck,
Lifeless and dead..
I will do all I can, to help others..
To give them what they need, should the need arise,
I love people, I hate em' I can't live without them,
If you ask for help, shoulden't some be around?

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