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2008-07-15 15:32:16 (UTC)

I am sooooooo DUMB! UPDATE!!!

Boo and I stayed away from each other all week, I didn't
miss him in the beginning of the week (I was still to mad)
but I did miss him towards the end, not enough to call him
but enough to wonder what he was doing. Sat I went out to
the golf club (they were having a big golfing party) and an
old friend of mine ask me to dance and we were dancing and
someone walked past us and bumped our shoulders and said
something to us. It was Boo, I didn't expect him to be
there, and he said to the guy to not trust me, that I lie.
Of course my guy friend went after him (I grabbed my friend
and told him not to) I couldn't believe after all the
things he had done to me and all the times he broke up with
ME, he is the one acting jealous! I started looking for the
guy i came to the party with because I just wanted to go
home and then it started---Boo calling me and hanging up,
me calling him and hanging up---him texting me that it was
all my fault--me texting him that it was all his fault. My
guy friend takes me to his house and he keeps telling me to
stop answering my phone and to just ignore Boo----We're
sitting at my guy friends house and Boo calls and tells me
to come get him RIGHT NOW!!!! and what do I do??? Jump
right up and go get his stupid ass!!!! We go back to my
place and lay in bed and talked till 6:00 in the morning,
me crying, him apologizing------everything came out---how I
felt he was treating me, his nice one second/evil the next
and telling me he is sleeping with other girls in our bed.
The calling me in the middle of the night screaming that
I'm a whore and at that moment he was taking another girl
home----even that very night when he was calling me telling
me how much he loved me and how bad I broke his heart and I
could hear a girl in the background just SCEAMING at him to
go to me then if he loved me so much. He told me other
than the girl in the background screaming he was lieing to
me about everything else, I ask him why? Why would you
devistate me like that? How can you look at me and see the
tears and the pain? He told me that it scared him that he
was falling in love with me so he did what he always does
and knows what buttons to push in girls and he would push
them so that they would leave and he could move on-----but
that for the first time in 5 years he was miserable all
week without me---he said it almost drove him crazy when he
seen me walk in with guys and how they were flocking around
me. He said that he couldn't eat, he couldn't sleep and
that he even drove by my house a couple of times late at
night to see if there were any strange car's there.
Soooo, we are now back together and once again he has
promised me that this time it is going to be different. It
has been 5 days since, and we have spent every night
together and I had taken a couple of vac days to stay the
day with him----so far he is holding up his side of the
bargin, he has been nothing but a loving person to me, not
drinking, taking me out to eat, swiming with me in his pool
and kept coming up hugging me and telling me how much he
loves me. He EVEN intorduced me to his parents!!! It's
still rough between him and my youngest---Boo is trying and
has apologized but A is not budging, he glares at Boo and
leaves any room that Boo comes into--it's alittle weird but
I hope they come to some kind of peace soon.

Let's shoot to today:
Boo and his friends have been drinking at the pool since
noon, and not just drinking----drinking whisky and rum. He
called me while I was getting gas and growled at me where
the hell have I been and I told him that I just got out of
work and went to get gas and I was just leaving the gas
station---he seemed surprised that I worked that late
(ummm, do it EVERYDAY!!) he ask me what I was doing
tonight and (because I was already getting nervous with his
slurring) I told him that I thought I would stay home and
catch up on my sleep and he could have fun with his friends-
-the pouting started----I told him that I would call him
later and he told me not to bother he would talk to me
tomorrow and I could stray around tonight if that is what I
needed to do, so of COURSE, I fold and tell him that I will
come over I just didn't want to smother him in front of his
guy friends. Then he was all happy, told me he couldn't
wait to see me. Me----I'm scared to death!!!!! I don't
want to go because I know it is going to be all bad, I got
such bad vibes. Maybe it will be o.k., maybe it will be
different this time. His 2 week vacation is almost up and
then he will be back to work and maybe he woun't be so edgy.

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