2008-07-15 02:29:21 (UTC)

Just me blahing...

Feel like typing again. Going back to all of that stuff
about me getting stuff done during the summer like writing
scripts and watching movies, and reading books is going
over very well.

I'm super excieted about flashpoint. Just joined a group
on facebook for it. Very excited. Hard to write sometimes.
NOt really sure about what. Well got my period today and
it hurt like all hell for a long time. Finally hopefully
gone. Considering watching another movie now. Maybe
studying more Japaneese. The reading thing should come in
now though. I'd like to pick up that book on percieving
though. IT is a hard read. The budgets one is very
exciting, I might be done with that one first actually. If
the whole thing of the next chapter not being over 120
pages isn't gonna get to me. I would just like to make
decent progress with that every day. But the whole reading
3 books might be a little bothersome at times. I jsut
hmmm... It does help if I do lose interest in one book why
should I continue reading it?

The thing is tough that I really want to just finish all
of these books all at the same time, and some of them I
haven't even picke up for anything else but to look at how
many pages and chapters, and to figure out how exciting of
a read it might be. But this I should plan out a little
better. I think my reading speed must incerase cause I've
got 8 books, 74 more chapters and 1800 or so more pages.
It is July 14 th. I've got about 60 or so days till
orientation. 1800 divided by 60 is 30 pages a day. That
shouldn't be too bad. It would be bad should I fall
behind. Glad I made this observation now as oppose to
later when it would be some 50 pages per day, cause that
would be testing my patience. I do have to find a balance
between reading and watching movies. I believe I spend the
most of this time not reading but watching videos. As
great as that research is, the hard fun, stuff need be
done as well. So off to a book I go. Perhaps I will
attmept to finish the directing actors chapter and move on
to perceptions.