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2008-07-13 03:33:32 (UTC)


It's clear as clear has ever been.

I've feared this from within.

It bleeds threw, I can't deny it now,

Everything is spinning, diminished health.

I've lost all my wealth.

I need help, some fucking help.

This is all I must fuckin do...

To either live or die no longer in between.

I'm in a situation where its all about to end.

I don't know what or who to turn to, Rosa can't help because
its about another girl and if its bugging me that much do I
really love Rosa?

Its amazing of how seeing one face does for you're look on
life. I need counseling, therapy.. Help. I need some
fuckin help before I do it I swear i'll do it im so loopy
its crazy.

I've thought it more and more every day as it progresses, I
don't understand I just don't understand tis time its
different my thoughts are racing, im not drunk my heart beat
is eratic I might break..

I don't love her, I fuckin know that. I want to be her
friend, to know her family again... To talk to her, to her
hear voice.. My best friend. My oldest friend. My long
lost friend whom wants nothing to do with me.

theres no one to talk to and its getting dark, its late and
im afraid to go lay down. is this normal? I can't seem to
grip things as they once were...

I just wish I could change everything.

I just fuckin wish so fucking hard. I'm so fucking scared.