I drink Alone
2008-07-07 22:28:12 (UTC)


It's funny how easy I can take life for granted.
Hayden and all the cute things two-year-olds do. Jordan
and her smiles and baby talk. I know soon enough I'll
wonder if I really paid enough attention to them. I love
my kids but I'm not the badass mom some of my friends are.
Yesterday we took them to the park, Hayden had a blast
feeding the ducks and sliding. He wouldn't slide unless I
was watching, he'd say "you ready mama?" slide down
then, "stay there! watch me" and run to the top again.
It's crazy how much he's talking when it seemed like only
yesterday he was barely crawling!
They are soo cute, I wish there was a better way I could
docment and remember all the things they do

Oh, Sunday Mom and Dad showed me in the lobby hall of the
hospital, someone had painted a picture of Hayden and it
was hanging there with the rest of the art under "Aqua"
It's such a cute little drawing of him playing in a water
fountain. I want the picture sooo bad but it's 250. Not
sure Joe will want it just as much.
It's kind of neat someone thought he was cute enough to

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