Mind of a Wierdo
2008-07-02 17:16:42 (UTC)

One last entry for today

So I went back and read all the entries from way back

Let's start over ... hi, I work a 9 - 5 job, get paid
fairly well, don't live with my parents, pay my bills and
party and drink on occassion.

Now to the people I have mentioned.

Timmy - haven't spoken to him in FOREVER!!!

Jippy - Getting married this year

Kitty - We can't get enough of each other (we might as well
be sisters)

My sister - still with her boyfriend

My younger brother - married (sorry, I'm not fond of his
wife and EVERYONE knows this)

Daria - she got sick and is now on medication, poor thing,
I feel so bad

Chris - That piece of shit loser ... we lost contact (on
purpose) and then suddenly out of the blue he calls me
up ... we are friends (kinda) we talk and hang out but
there won't be any relationship more than friends between

Antonio - my roommate ... has a thing for me but I don't
want any relationship

Scott - The guy I'd refer to as a dumbass ... how do i put
this .... I fell in love with him. We dated for a year and
a half and ended it ... this was in 2005 ... ended it in
2006 .... here I am two years later and I am still in love
with him. I can't seem to let him go. I've tried OH GOD!! I
have tried! But I can't seem to.

If you look back at all my entries it was like I was so 'in
love' with Chris ... but I never knew a love greater then
what I had with Scott.

But here I am! World! Here I am ... aged, matured, and
still updating this diary. I don't know when I'll update it
next or if I'll just leave this as it is. who knows.

We'll see.