Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2008-07-02 06:14:08 (UTC)

July 1st.08

Alright, it's 2am and I haven't heard from him yet. If he
didn't call me yesteday evening, it would have been 3 days
that I haven't spoken to him. He can't be that fuckin busy.
I'm really worried.

I don't call him. I should. But I text him a lot during the
day because he can't text. The LEAST he should do is call
me? Right? I told him many times to call me during the day
and I'll call him back since i got a good plan, lol.

Today is Canada Day.
I did fuck all expect look around for a job. Toronto is
fuckin unless when finding a job.

I'm pretty pissed right now. I thought it would be a good
idea to write some stuff down before going to bed. I don't
want to go to bed thinking. It'll only make things worse.

I saw my so called "best friend" this evening. I didn't
really talk to her, my buddy did. I was busy looking at pics
on fb. I would randomly smile and look at her. I don't care
for her anymore.

I have school in a couple of hours.... oh, that reminds me.

I'm really glad I didnt listen to my boyfriend. He didn't
want to take another summer course. He thought it would be
better for us to hang out. I ignored him, what does he know.
I knew he was going to get that full-time job and I didn't
want to stay home like an idiot waiting for my bf to
call/see me. Look at what's going on.. he won't even call me.

It seems now that he's home alone and with the car, he's
never home. He has more of a reason to be out now- with his

What am I going to do tomorrow (or today)? I'll have to call
him tomorrow. I need to call him on it. What the fuck is he
doing lately?

I know he's busy with work and he's tired. All I fuckin ask
is that he call me, especially before going to sleep. He
doesn't have to come see me, just a phone call. I'm a
pretty laided back/understanding person, but once you start
doing shit like this I won't understand you anymore.

I'm not done venting......

I don't want to get hurt and I hope all this nonsense is
just in my mind. I went into this relationship unsure and
now i'm worried. I thought it would be different considering
im dating my bestfriend... I just need to talk to him and
everything will be ok.

He better have a good reason, Lord help him if he

I'm done. Good night.

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