Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2008-07-01 20:24:18 (UTC)

Summer 2008

I still am unemployed. My dad got out of jail again and
has been busy ever since. That is, he was un til he had a
near fatal injury. He had been mowing some tall grass in our
field next door and got really hot and tired. Then
aftrewards went to trim a tree in his yard standing in an
old ladder. He took quite a fall, broke a few ribs, his
right arm, and injured his head as well.
He has been recovering for a few months, but he'll be
just fine. My ducks, turkeys, and chicks are near fully
grown now. We celebrated Robs B-Day just 2 days ago I think
it was. We had a lot of fun together with the guys. I'm
still trying to decide whether or not martha is right for
me. I cannot deny that my heart desires something more.
Anyways, I'll try to write more this summer another day.