I drink Alone
2008-06-27 16:01:17 (UTC)


Last night Joe and I were trying to talk about his Dad
again. I was saying how I didn't mind he talked to him
(even tho with all the things I know I think he shouldn't)
but I get scared and insecure because I know his Dad would
try and get Joe to hook up with someone else without
giving a crap he's married.
I told Joe that and he told me his Dad is already telling
him he should leave me.
Well fuck me. That really pisses me off. What a fucking
asshole deucebag cocksucker.
We're MARRIED for fucks sake. That man has done HORRIBLE
things and he and his fucking wife knows it, but since Joe
forgave and continues to ignore what they do and I won't
now they want him to leave me.
I'm not a super great person, but I know I'm the one in
the right in this case.