Waka Waka Waka
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2008-06-26 01:14:27 (UTC)

We talked it through

We talked it through, we both told each other what was
bothering the other person and once again I melted into his
arms for the night. He is so dangerous for me!!!! I am
falling much to hard and much to fast. He is all I think
about!!!! I'm obbsessed with wondering what he is doing
when he is not with me. I'm starting to feel like a crazy
stalker!!!! He knows just what buttons to push on me
because he is always telling me that he is going to go to
the bar after work and he knows that it winds me up and
upsets me. I just wish I didn't feel so fat and gross next
to him, I keep thinking that he is going to find a much
younger girl with a smaller butt and skinner hips than I
have. I miss you Boo.

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