Waka Waka Waka
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2008-06-24 15:52:02 (UTC)

We are done, I ended it!!!!

He is a dumbass and I told him to lose my number!!!! It
seems like I am always the one going out of my way for
him!!! I'm the one who has to leave my boys and drive over
to his town, I'm the one who kisses his ass and does
everything to show him I care. He called yesterday and
told me that he was in my town at the DR. and he never even
came over, he KNEW i was putting my precious dog to sleep
that day, all he heard in the last week is me crying and
carring on about having to put her to sleep and that she is
my best friend and he didn't even care enough to come over,
Hell---the night he was so drunk I started crying because I
was telling him about digging her grave and he snarled at
me to stop being such a baby! FUCK YOU!!!!! STUPID,
FUCKEN,DUMBASS, LOSER!!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with
you!!!!??? I swear to God that you have no emotion for
anyone!!!! I hear the stories about you, I stick up for
you, I know about your felony, I stick up for you that you
were proven innocent, I finally told my Dad your name and a
day later he was freaking out about what everone had told
him about you, and I stuck up for you!!!! You even told me
that you were telling you mom about me and she told you to
behave and not hurt me, even your family knows you are an
ass----there is something wrong in your head!!!! You have
so much going for you, you are a beautiful person to
look at, you really should go and try out modeling, you
have a wonderful body, you are no stranger to work and work
very hard----but you are dead inside---you have no emotion
for anyone! Your eyes are cold and dead and that is how
you treat women. I'm sorry I ever met you, I'm sorry I
ever fell for you. You were the first person I found in
three years that I actually liked, I would have done
anything for you, and you threw it all away!!! THIS is why
you are the age you are and never had a wife or any