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2008-06-20 22:55:37 (UTC)

Had our talk!!!!!

I sat down to play a board game with my youngest but I had
one eye on the clock trying to squish the hope that Boo
would call me on his lunch hour, my phone rang at 7:00 and
it was him!!!!!! He had left work after 1/2 day and ask why
I didn't call him and that he swore he wasn't going to call
me but he felt that it had to have an ending. I told him
that I didn't call because I pretty much knew where it was
going with him wanting to "talk" He told me that I was to
stubrun for my own good. He said he was going to the bar
(of course) and I said "well, i might as well come up and
have the talk) This is how the talk ended:

He likes me as much as I like him, but he is afraid that I
will get pissy with his work hours---I told him that I
loved his work hours because I didn't want to spend alot of
time with a guy. He told me that once he is on "lay off"
he will have more time for me and he promises to make up
for it----I told him that even when he was laid off I still
only wanted to only see him on weekends and not during the
week because I'm to busy.

I told him that I wasn't looking for a full on relationship
what IF and WHEN we had sex (already told him he had to
wait) that I would expect that it would be only him and I.
He told me that he didn't need to wait until we had sex he
was ready to be one on one already with me. I was sooooo
happy, I glowed all night. I stayed that night at his
place and he gave me a shirt to wear (this is probably the
3rd night I have stayed and he always respects me and give
me a shirt) and I was soooo at ease all night, I kept
waking up to him stroking my arm or leg and making
his "deer snort" and pulling me up close to him. He really
is playing all the right buttons.

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