Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-06-14 03:53:11 (UTC)

June 13

I haven't written in 10 days.

To sum it up, my best friend is being even more of a bitch
and I can't stand her. My good friend is being very close
minded about her. He's going to get hurt by her again. She's
too evil. One fuckin clever piece of shit.

I finished school yesterday! It felt great! I came home and
I felt like taking more courses this summer. What am I going
to do now?! I can't find a job.

My good friend is leaving on vacation for 6 weeks. I don't
want her to goooo! She's my girl! 6 weeks will fly by, but
still! My boyfriend will be working full-time soon, I know
he's going to get the job. Hmmm.. we'll see what happens, it
probably won't even be that bad. I could catch up on all the
readings :)