I Debbie...
2008-06-12 13:08:34 (UTC)

The Thank God They Were Created List Part I

1. Coffee :For those of us who have jobs that require
something so get us started. For those of us who look
forward to something warm in the morning as we look out
into the new day. For those of us who have had late nights
despite our best intentions like husbands who come in
whenever they please from a hobby we neither respect or
admire. For those of us who like to talk about it or read
about it.

2. On-line or written diaries :For those of us who need
that extra sence we are intelligent people with valid and
valued opinions and thoughts. For those of us who may not
get enough validation in our oral lives from our spouses,
work or family/friends.

3. Homeopathic Remedies :For those of us who need that
abilty to put better little aches and pains. Like being
unable to sleep, or bloating/constipation, or an upset
stomach. Privacy and discretion only add to the mystery of
each remedy but talking about it with a confidant makes
you involved in some odd group of people who you would
never suspect would be into it. Like a secret society of
those without bias or prejudice, a sisterhood of free
thinking generous youthful people.

4. Backyards: To those who carry on the tradition of
talking to your neighbors or even just people crossing
your property. To those who like to barbeque on those huge
pits that smell of homecoming and friendship. To those who
actually still like to cook. To those men and women who
will sweat and drink at the same time over an open flame
while talking about sports.

Have At It,
I Debbie