I Debbie...
2008-06-05 01:28:36 (UTC)

Its Back ,..The One About The Balls

What I Wish I Had The Balls To Say and More

To The People Who Offer No Comfort

If I would ever become a parent I would prefer my daycare
person be treated like a knowledgeable intelligent person
capable of making decisions that are directly related to my
child's day. For example if my child was sick, give the
parent a call. Would you like it if no one knew if you were
not feeling well and only then when it was too late to do
anything about it? Have you ever gone to the medicine
cabinet in the middle of the night to realize you were out
of Advil? Or to the frig to realize you were out of eggs?
So why would you presume to do that to a parent?

To The People Who Forget How The World Works

If an emergency comes up and someone has to mobilize
quickly, why oh why give them one more reason to stress?
Instead of rolling your eyes behing their back or asking
them dumb questions, or laying a guilt trip on them, walk a
mile in their shoes. Was it my fault the state of Kansas
Motor Vehicle office is only open T through F 9 until 3?
Why in heaven's name would I want to take off work and have
Brian take off work? You would think this was a town deep
in the heart of Bible country the way things shut down on
weekends and at night here. Except the liquor stores.I
guess that's because they know how fubar this state is!!

To The People Who Won't Give A Simple Answer To A Question

When someone is in need of quick advise this is not the
time to give them a five year long story that may or may
not cuminate in an actual pertinant answer! I usually know
I am in trouble when they give you this long deep breath
like they are preparing for an undersea mission.

To The Parents Who Insist On Calling Us Anything But Teacher

Okay I get it I am not really a teacher per say. But
calling us staff makes us sound like we are members of some
union-ized uniform waring barely speaking English without a
degree group.

Have At It,
I Debbie