Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-06-03 03:14:55 (UTC)

soft regrets

I'm in Grafton, got a job working as a mind numbing plebe at
a liquor/grocery store with a friend I've known for over a
decade, and his cousin, which is run by a pair of Koreans
who've run it together for 22 years.

Grafton. Is in the ass-end of the universe. I'm going to
stick around til, I dunno, august, september, and then move
to toronto or vancouver. I'm sure as shit not staying here
through the winter. It's like, insanely stupid just how much
you need a car here, and I can't afford the insurance making
$9 an hour doing retarded shit.

anyways. so, here I am. not doing much. almost no internet,
no cable and no movies. I might die from the boredom. but it
is an eye opener to small town living.

I've always avoided it. the small town thing. Now. I think I
really regret it. I mean, with the right girl, anythings
bearable, and, seriously, what could be better?

I dunno. but, this just goes to show, leap of faith, is
better than not having one.