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2008-06-01 21:02:27 (UTC)

Dating/Sex/No Sex?

So, I haven't had sex in...two entire months now. I wanna
say since March 28th. And the sex wasn't even good. Last
good sex I had was on the side of the Christmas tree the eve
of...Oooh, it was awesome! But yeah, like I want to have
hot, sweat yo' weave out, booty smackin', toe suckin' sex.
lol. Listen to me. Can you tell it's been a minute? I went
out on my best date since I've been in Cali last night.
Shame the devil. I was initially categorizing him in the
"Sugar Daddy" category. But after talkin' to my girl, she
told me it's better to have good times than material things.
Now, while I do agree. I like to have nice things too.
Anyhow, that's besides the point. We had a really good
time. I know there's more to his story though. He's 36,
owns a luxury car, the deck out my ride
kind...two kids, home in Pasadena...blah, blah. Sweet as
pie; although all Pisces men are...they usually ain't SHIT!
I know all about it. I had two male bestfriends that were
and a trifflin' ass ex. But he opened all my doors, was
kind, good convo, knows how to kick it and all. Not the
finest of men, but who cares right? Hell, the nigga could be
gorgeous and all the women would try to get your man...same
goes for the ugly niggas too. Unless they breath is just
sheer FOUL! Ugh. My stomach hurts now thinkin' about stanky
breath ass negros. So. Sex. I really just want some ONE
good time and I'd be cool. But last time I gave up the
goodies...I'm beginning to think dude is hella suspect. With
his baby boy ass! Grrrr...I'm glad I didn't really like him.
Shit. With his wack ass. But I'm headed to some "Girly"
thing with my homegirl Donnie. I gotta roll...this
journaling thing is fun again! Yay! And my new lil' hit up
spot. Well, til' the next episode...I'm out!

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